Built by the famous industrial Eusebi Güell and designed by none other than his closest friend, the illustrious artist Antoni Gaudí, Colonia Güell lays hidden away in the Barcelona Hills for more than a century. However, with the city and its infrastructure rapidly expanding southward towards El Prat main airport, its unveilling is only a matter of time. Which is literally opening up a world of opportunities

Gaudí"s best kept secret is about to be unveiled..

The Güell & Gaudí co-creation that went missing in history


Longtime friends Güell (left) and Gaudí (right) created their world-famous Parc Güell in 1900, purely for pleasure. With their earlier co-creation Colonia Güell (1890) however, they mainly meant business. It was primarly designed to work, but also to live and recreate, all under the best of circumstances.


The complex was dominated by innovative industrial buildings, the 'Recinte Industrial', which were flanked by a village built especially for the workers and topped off with something typically Gaudí: the crypt in which all his achitectural innovations came together for the first time. This is why even Gaudí himself characterized this small crypt as a monumental model of the Sagrada Familia


Staying true to the spirit of Gaudí, this location is not about seeing the same opportunities all the others will see here. It's not about making the same calculations and eventually yielding the same return as everybody does. This is about standing out from the very beginning. not only by investing in a one in a million object that can be compared to none, but by taking it to a whole new level and turning it into a one in a billion object. By respecting its exterior and simultaneously unleashing the full potential of what lies inside..


Which makes investing in Colonia Güell much more than investing in real estate; it's investing in art that's still in the making.

“It takes imagination
to turn a one in a million object into a one a billion object'"

Industrial Area impressions

The ‘Recente’ Industrial as it is today: unused, but still fully intact...

...a unique historical environment with a rich history.

All industrial buildings are still there untouched for more than a century...

...including the smallest details.

The main building has been completely renovated without losing its authentic character.

“The first Gaudí that you can work and live in...”


Today, Antoni Gaudí’s buildings are amongst the most appreciated destinations by visitors from all over the world; as it turns out, really everything Gaudí touched has turned into gold. Imagine the odds of still being able to find one precious Gaudí creation has been overlooked all this time. A gem that’s about to unveil itself and that will become the first Gaudí that’s actually available on the market…


One that you can work and live in, with full support of the municipality and local stakeholders, who are nothing but proud of their ‘heritage of cultural interest’. One that’s located right between the expanding city centre and El Prat main airport, next to a Cercanias railway station and easily accessible by main roads…

“The first Gaudí that you can work and live in...”

Now let"s have a look inside...