• Create your own Epic loft

    Don’t just live your dream, live in your dream. This is your chance to create the loft you’ve always loved to create. The floor is yours.

  • Create your own Shop

    Get your customers in the mood to spend more. Spoil your shoppers’ senses. Make shopping a experience they wouldn't forget.

  • Create your own Sports area

    Get motivated by the great masters when it comes to showing strength. Move and be moved. The new high-end gym is yours to take.

  • Create your own Club or Restaurant

    For those who want to lounge or dine in style, avoiding the tourist crowds in the city centre… Share your good taste.

  • Create your own Office space

    The perfect place were you can start your business and create the office you want. Choose an industrial or modern look and feel, it all yours.

  • Create your own Signature hotel

    Pamper your guests and aim for a guest list unheard of in greater Barcelona. Gaudí & Güell have already put down their signatures. Shoot for the stars.